How Can I Turn The Garage Into My Mecca?

This is a place where men can retreat to when they’re having problems and forget about the outside world for a couple hours. This is a place for us guys to hang out with friends and smoke a few cigars while we play poker. This is a place that brings back memories of your father working on his cars with his tools. This is a place that is designed strictly for men.

The garage is the resting place for your tools, cars, and sometimes even your drinks. Ask any man to show you his home and the garage is usually the highlight of the tour. Still, many homes use the garage as a storage unit and this would make any man upset.

Here are some ideas for improving your garage from a storage unit to your mecca; a place to show your kids how men do the garage.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even be featured on the next episode of the DIY network’s “Garage Mahal.”

Cleaning Out The Garage:

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: all the junk you’ve been storing in your garage for years.

Start to clean out what is outdated and don’t use anymore. This might be a good time to have a garage sale where everything  must go. Make your garage clutter-free so you can move around with ease. Be honest with yourself and trash or sell the things you don’t need or use. You should be able to drive your car in without any problems–whether it’s a one-car, two-car, or even a ten-car garage.

For now, store the stuff you’re keeping in the back yard, or anywhere else but the garage–until you add the storage. This will help drastically with renovation.


If your garage doesn’t have drywall, this would be a good time to check your electrical wiring.

Make sure you have enough power going into your garage since you will be using tools with a lot of power. This would also be a good time to add electrical plugs and upgrading anything that is needed. Make sure to install insulation in order to keep the garage at a workable temperature before you add drywall.

Drywall and paint will make any room look great. If you already have drywall, repair any holes and paint–it really is a room changer. This will give you a blank slate to start of with.


With a blank slate, now you can design your dream garage.

With the garage drywalled and painted, your design and touch will now come into play. It’s not hard to get started–just grab a blank sheet of paper and draw a square. It doesn’t have to be to scale, you just need something to help you figure out how to place things in the room.

Make sure you mark lines for all doors and measure the walls from one corner to another. Place the measurement on the outside part of the line representing that wall. This is to help you with shelving, storage, and other things you might want to put in.

Now you can begin to draw in what ever you want to place in garage. This is like moving things around without doing any heavy lifting. Measure and draw where you might want your TV, peg board, and lighting. Then begin to add your new additions.

Once you have your measurements ready, go to your nearest hardware store and look for storage solutions and a steel-drawered tool chest.


Once you have picked out your design, it’s time to add your storage. Remember: you have to store all those things you left outside, so buy a storage solution accordingly.

You will  also need storage for you tools. A drawer tool set with wheels can be great while working on you car or in your home because you can wheel your tools around with ease. Some even come with a work station. There are many tool cabinets that can best fit your needs and style, so be sure to shop around. Keeping your tools on-hand without having to look for them everywhere is a necessity for any man.

Your neighborhood hardware store will usually suffice for all your storage needs. Be sure to add the right amount of storage without overcrowding your garage again. Look into over head storage to keep your eye-level clear.

Peg Board:

A peg board is a great piece of furniture to place your tools on. A peg board, along with it’s attachments, allows you to keep your tools handy and organized–it also makes your garage look clean.

This non-expensive storage for your tools will only cost you about $20.00. It’s also very easy to install and should be ready in less than 30 minutes.


Men spend a lot of their time in the garage, so why not install a TV?

With flat panel TV’s becoming less and less expensive, installing one on the wall with a swivel mount is a great option. A swivel mount will allow you to watch your TV from anywhere in your garage and is a great feature to have.

A 19” LCD TV can run you around $200 and a swivel mount for a TV this size is about $50.00. The size of the TV depends on you and your budget, but 19” is a great size to watch the game on.

Now you don’t have to choose between the game and working on your car–you can have the best of both worlds. A game, a beer, and your car–what else do you want?

Oh, and poker night at your house just got better with a TV.


Make sure you add a sufficient amount of lighting to your garage.

Lighting will help with visibility when working on projects that take you into the night or on a cloudy day. Hanging a heavy-duty retractable reel with outlets is convenient because it keeps tools plugged in wherever you need them in your garage. If you’re under your car hood, you can pull the reel and plug the workers light for extra light under the hood.

Track lighting is also great if you need to illuminate multiple spots in your garage while adding a “studio look.”

Light up your garage so it’s not a dungeon.

Industrial Sink:

The industrial sink is a must-have for any garage. Where will you wash your hands full of motor oil, paint, or grease? in the house? I don’t think so. Not unless you want to grease up all the door knobs between your garage and bathroom.

Did you get a little dirty while gardening and don’t want to track dirt into the house? Add an industrial sink and your garage will have everything you need. With an industrial sink you can wash your hands, clean off dirty parts, and wash your tools.

This is not a sink like the one you have in your bathroom or kitchen–this is, as the name suggests, an industrial sink. The industrial sink is longer and deeper for bigger and larger things to wash or clean. They come in different sizes and materials for all your needs–the call is yours.

And please don’t use the water hose to get clean!

J. Navarro 


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