How Do I Keep My Dog Happy?

They fart, they are aggressive, they mark territories, they scratch themselves in inappropriate places, and they are goofballs with family. We love our dogs and we need to take care of them before we have a home full of torn pillows and pulled flowers.

When dogs aren’t getting their workouts (especially energetic dogs), they will act out by destroying everything in sight. They have to put their energy into something productive or else it will be your yard that suffers the consequences. Exercsing your dog will also help with training and mellowing them out—not to mention the fact that you too will get the benefit of working out alongside them.

Here are some great workout ideas for you and your dog…

Baseball Time

A great way to spend time with your dog is a day at the park hitting some balls with a baseball bat. Dogs love chasing things so give them something to chase. As soon as I hit the ball my dog takes off like a rocket right after them. Use raquetballs instead of baseballs because they are softer. This is a medium-intensity workout depending on how many balls you hit for your dog.

Tennis Anyone?

What about some tennis? Try  bringing your dog along to the tennis courts and let him shag some balls while you practice. This will allow your dog to lose all that energy he has by running after those tennis balls you smack but don’t want to chase yourself. Train your dog to bring them back by rewarding your him with a treat every time he brings back the balls. You and your dog are sure to have fun with this low-intensity workout.

Bike Chariot

Some dogs are were bred to pull. Place a dog harness on your dog with a long leash and tie it to the handle bar. Now ask your dog to pull. Watch your dog add the horse power and relax on the pedals. By the end of this high-intensity workout you’ll be cool while your dog is worked out. You’ll feel like you have your own personal rickshaw. This is a strong workout for those dogs that are great pullers (Rottweilers, American Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Akitas, Pit bulls, Bull Mastiffs). This is not for bulldogs who are gassed-out with a walk around the block. Make sure you know your dog’s limits, have plenty of water during and after the workout, and be careful with over-exhaustion during hot weather.

Skate Chariot

This is the same thing as a bike chariot but with a skateboard. Hold on to the leash while you stand on the skateboard and your dog pulls. This is great for medium-sized dogs and is a high-intensity workout.


Another great workout for dogs is swimming. Think about how tired you feel after taking a swim in the pool. Swimming is really tiring for both humans and dogs alike. Take a swim during warm weather so you and your pooch can get a great workout together. This is a great workout for all dogs with energy and especially good for water dogs like Labrador Retrievers. If you or any of your friends don’t have a pool, go to the beach, river, or lake. Take a road trip with your dog and have a great day.

The Great Outdoors

How about a hike? Allow you dog to enjoy all the wonderful smells they can take in from their surroundings. Dogs love sniffing around and listening to new sounds as they explore the world. If you’re planing a camping trip, why not take your dog? They can be good defenses against wild animals because they are very courageous and willing to protect friends and family.

Feed The Breed

Find out what your dog was bred for and give it to them. For example, a Beagle was breed to track and find. They love to use their noses so give them something to do. Buy a non-stuffed critter and allow your dog to find it in the yard. Show your Beagle the critter and stuff it with a treat. Now leave your beagle in the house while you hide the toy in the back yard. You can do this in your house or apartment too, just leave your dog where he can’t see you hide the critter. Once hidden, let your dog loose to track the critter and marvel at his skills. Your dog will be satisfying his breed needs.

If your dog is a sheep herder, look online for places where you dog can satisfy those needs. If your dog is a working dog, put him to work in the yard or on a farm. Find a farm that might need the help of a dog and take him for a day of hard work. In the yard, place a harness on him and have him pull a grass sack to the curb. Did you have to cut down a tree? Cut it into manageable pieces and have your dog pull them to a spot where you want to keep the trunks. Working breeds love to work so work them.

Before you bring your pup home, make sure you research the different types of breeds. There are many dogs with different levels of energy that might be good for you. If you’re a low-energy person get a low-energy dog that only requires minimal exercise, like a Bulldog. If you love running everyday, then look into a boxer or other high-energy dogs.

To have a great dog at home you will need to satisfy their physical needs…or they’ll satisfy it one way or another.

Juan Navarro


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