How Do I Conduct Myself Like A Good House Guest?

Let us teach you a few things…

1. If you are invited somewhere, do not show up empty-handed–no matter what. Your host is already doing enough so show some gratitude. You can never go wrong by bringing a bottle of wine, a dessert tray, a six-pack of beer, a bottle of liquor, or a main dish. Your host will greatly appreciate it and it won’t make you look cheap or unappreciative.

2. If you’re invited somewhere and you know well in advance you can not make it, let the host know. There’s nothing worse than leading your host on and having them think that you’re coming and you’re really not. They will appreciate you way more if you tell them in advance.

3. Socialize with people there. Don’t act like the stuck up guy that thinks he is too cool to socialize with anyone. Introduce yourself. Let people know who you are and how you know the host. Make small talk because it will make the functions more lively.

4. Do not act obnoxious or embarrassing. Do not be that guy everyone will go home talking about. Don’t drink until you’re piss-drunk or eat like you have never ate before.

5. If you’re one of the last people at the gathering, help your host clean up a few things. Show them you appreciate being invited to their function. I hate it when people bail out on the cleanup duty–not dapper.

Nathan Allen


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