What Is Apple TV?

Apple TV is an amazing device that every household should have for its convenience coupled with it’s extremely low price. Apple makes excellent products and this product is another success. I will explain to you what it is, what it does, and why you should get one.

Apple TV is a device, a very small device, that instantly streams movies to you. The device itself costs only $99. Apple TV streams to you the movies you really want to see. Unlike Netflix, Apple TV brings you everything you want. For example: have you ever gone on Netflix only to find a certain amount of movies that interest you? Netflix doesn’t have every big blockbuster movie on instant streaming because they do not hold contracts with every major production studio. Just recently they had a fall out with Starz, which some will say, offered the best movies on Netflix. This is where
Apple TV comes in. Apple TV brings you the biggest and best movies–the major blockbuster hits we all want to see.

Apple TV also provides you with TV shows. Not just any TV shows, but the top TV shows. Shows like Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire. Apple TV provides you with all the top notch TV shows–every season, every episode. A lot of us guys like to keep up with our favorite shows when our busy schedules allow us to, but honestly, time does not always permit and not all of us have a DVR. Apple TV will solve your TV woes. Never miss out on your favorite TV shows again.

Now, having Apple TV does not mean you have to rule out Netflix. There is an internet tab on the Apple TV dashboard that will allow you to access Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr. Now you have the option to watch your favorite videos and movies from your Apple TV, Netflix and YouTube on one simple device that costs under a hundred dollars. If you think this is all the little device has to offer, we’re only half way done.

We cannot forget the main thing that made Apple who they are today: music. Yes, there is a music tab on Apple TV so you can listen to your favorite music. If your own music isn’t good enough for you there is a radio option so you can listen to your favorite radio stations. You can sync your Apple TV with your computer that has all your iTunes music on it and listen to it through your TV–all from a device that is smaller than the size of your fist.

Apple TV also provides many more entertainment options. You can watch live sports that provide nonstop information from the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. If your prefer business over pleasure, there is an option for the Wall Street Journal too. Also, Apple TV has features like  iCloud, AirPlay, and Photo Stream. Upload all your photos from your Mac, iPhone, and iPad to your Apple TV and show them to friends and family through your TV.

Once again, the device costs $99 dollars. Movies and TV shows have a small price tag to them but it sure does beat going to Blockbuster or Redbox. By a simple click of a button you’ll have unlimited entertainment options without leaving the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend that everyone buy this device in order to have excellent entertainment options whenever they’d like.

Nathan Allen 


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