Should I Polish My Shoes?

Keep your shoes looking full of life by keeping them polished. Some men do not keep up with their shoes and over time their good expensive pair of shoes become dull and lifeless. Shoes can be the most important part about your outfit. Everyone pays attention to shoes, so make sure you pay attention to yours.

First, and most importantly, a man should always know how to polish his own pair of shoes. If you don’t I will tell you how. If you feel like you do not have the time or just do not like to polish your own shoes, take them to a professional. A professional shoe cleaner will clean your shoes to make them look brand new all over again.

A man can get his shoes shined almost anywhere–at the mall, airport, barbershop, etc. I love it when I’m at the airport wearing dress shoes and I’m able to get my shoes polished on the spot. The best thing about it is that it only costs a few bucks to keep your shoes looking dapper. I encourage you to go through your closet and find your oldest pair of dress shoes and get them polished and witness the wonders a shoe shiner can do for them.

How To Shine Your Shoes:

  1. Change into some old dirty clothes
  2. Find an open space and lay plenty of paper down on the floor
  3. Remove shoelaces if the shoes you are polishing have them
  4. Find a cloth and wipe down your shoes removing any dust or dirt
  5. Get the proper color shoe polish (one that matches your shoes)
  6. Use cream, paste or wax polish–your preference
  7. Apply polish to a soft clean rag, sock, or towel
  8. Rub gently onto the shoe in circular motion
  9. Dip a rag in water once or twice and apply to shoe and rub in (spit shine optional)
  10. Allow shoes to dry for 10-20 minutes
  11. Buff your shoes by using a polishing brush for best results
  12. Let shoes dry
  13. Wear your newly polished shoes

These are very simple tips on how to polish your shoes and every man should have a shoe polish kit in his home. If you don’t have one I advise you buy one. They are not expensive and work wonders on your shoes that you spent hard earned money on. Every true Dapper Man already owns one, do you?

Nathan Allen 


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