How Do I Groom From Head To Toe?

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s going to work or out around town, looking and smelling dapper is a Man Rule.

Before a game, athletes make sure they are right for the game by putting on deodorant, cutting their nails, and trimming stray hairs to look good on their way to becoming All-Stars. Athletes also get dirty, sweaty, and bloody during a game but always refine themselves afterward to look dapper.

With all the men’s lines of grooming products out there, men really have no excuse (I know we’ve all seen The Steelers’ Troy Polamalu in the Head and Shoulders commercials). There are tons of grooming products to keep you well-groomed from head to toe.

Here are some good ideas to stay John Dapper:

  1. HAIR: The hair on your head should be dealt with by a professional when it comes to cuts, unless it’s a shave or a one-number clip. Your neighborhood barber should help you look trim and neat. While you are there get your beard, goatee, or moustache fixed. They have a better view than you do when it comes to the cut–no more uneven self-trims. Once the barber hooks you up, all you have to do is worry about maintenance until the next cut. Use the right shampoo for the hair on your head and face. If you have hair on your face, remember it’s just like having hair on your head–so deal with it accordingly. If you see flakes in your beard it’s because you don’t shampoo it and you don’t dry it. So dry your beard like you would the hair on your head. Products like Head and Shoulders or Selsum Blue will fix those nasty flakes and will keep your hair looking great. Listen to Troy Polamalu, he has great hair.
  2. FACE: Clean up your face and keep it that way. One thing many men leave out or forget is those nose hairs. It’s not hard to take care of a few nasty looking nose hairs. All you need is cheap grooming scissors or the ConAir grooming nose trimmer and you’re done. You can buy any of these products at CVS, Walmart, Target, or Walgreens. Since we are talking about noses make sure you clean out your nose in the morning with toilet paper. Grab some toilet paper, roll it up, stick it in your nose, swirl it, and get all those boogers out. If you are one of those guys (like I am) with ear hair, take care of it. If you shave it might grow back darker, so pulling them out is best. Take care of the baby hairs on your cheek the same way–by pulling them out using tweezers. That way, they don’t come out darker and seem like you have hair growing from your eye. Make sure you keep the hair line below the cheek bone. Neutrogena has a great line of shaving creams that’s great for a close shave. Their shaving creams and gels are smooth and refreshing, leaving almost no cuts. They also carry a great face scrub and after shave for a clean feel. Gillette also has great products for shaving because they have been in the shaving business for many years. In order to look good you may have to spend a little but it’s worth it when you show up to work looking professional. They also have a fresh feeling after shave that smells good to the nose. Make sure you try the products out there until you find something that works for you and helps against ingrown hairs.
  3. BODY: Treat your body like a temple by giving it what it needs. Lotion gives your body back the lost moisture that was lost during the day. Now, I’m not talking about buying women’s lotions that smell really nice, what I’m saying is: buy men’s lotions because they are out there. Vaseline carries a body lotion that’s great for a man’s body and smells like a man should. This is great for curing ashy hands, elbows, arms, and body from dry and chapped skin. Skin protects the body from outside invaders and when your skin is dry and chapped it won’t be able to do it’s job of protecting you, making you more susceptible to what’s out there. Protect your body from the outside world’s weather and exposure while working hard. Great lotions keeps the moisture on your body so it stays looking great during work and play. Shower time is good for cleanliness but sometimes bad for body moisture because some soaps leave your body very ashy and dry. You need a soap that cleans off all the dirt and old skin not the moisture out of your body. Dove Men’s Care soap cleans your man hide without drying it up like cheap soaps. Dove isn’t just for women anymore–they have a whole new line for men’s total skin comfort and extra refreshment. Lever 2000 is another great soap that has skin hydrators for your body moisture. Avoid soaps that dry your skin and take nutrients away from your body. Taking a very long shower with hot water also takes away moisture and nutrients from your body. If your skin is red from the hot shower and your skin is dry, this is not good. Instead take a shower with warm water for no longer than 10 minutes.
  4. HANDS: Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of grooming is the hands. Men use their hands at work, in the gym, in the garage, and in the yard to the point of ashiness and calluses. Give them a hand by applying some petroleum jelly. Regular petroleum jelly will keep your hands rough but soft to the touch for the more sensitive things in your life. For example: after changing the oil of your car, you can clean your hands with Permatex grease cleaner, rinse it off, dry your hands, and apply the petroleum jelly. Your hands work for you so make sure you help your hands get back it’s elasticity. A big part of maintaining your hands is making sure your nails are clipped. I shouldn’t have to say much about this but get your nails clipped so you won’t look dirty. Long nails equal dirty men.
  5. CROTCH: After a nice shower make sure you dry the jewels very well to prevent unnecessary moisture. In order to keep your good area from chaffing apply some baby powder. Not only will it keep you dry, it will keep your junk smelling good for the special moments in life. You don’t want to smell like you just came out of the gym and this is a high area of moisture that, like your arm pits, will turn into a stench. Take care of it so it’s always ready to perform.
  6. FEET: To keep your feet dry and to eliminate foot odor, apply foot powder to shoes and socks. Nothing is worse than having a great time with your significant other only to take off your shoes and have the room smell like rotten tuna. Don’t over do it with the powder so it won’t look like you have a problem–only apply a decent amount to keep feet dry and odor free. This also help against foot fungus and preventing foot fungus is better then curing the fungus with Lotromin.

Keeping clean and smooth will keep the ladies touching because scent is what women remember the most of a man. There is a part in the brain that is just for scent–this is why you smell is very important. Do you want to be remembered for that stench our bodies give out? Or do you want to be remembered by that great smell you left on her pillow?

At the very least, men should wear deodorant. With so many deodorants for men out there, all you have to do is choose one that fits you and works. If one doesn’t work for you try another, but deodorants are a must. While you’re at it, get yourself a nice smelling cologne. Again, buy one that fits you and your personality. Colognes are varied like men and there is a cologne for every man.

Men are John Dapper by keeping clean, trim, cut, and smelling good. If men take care of their body, looking Dapper will be easy anywhere they go.This is not for a class of man but for all men, John Dapper men.

There is no excuse for not smelling good.

J. Navarro 


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