What Are The Best California Travel Destinations?

The West Coast will provide you with warm weather, beautiful beaches, entertainment options, and tons of places to shop. John Dapper gives the West Coast the stamp of approval for a fantastic place to take a lady. In this article, I will go over several locations that are ideal to visit on the West Coast. This can be a very fun and relaxing experience that will make you look very dapper.


Welcome to the entertainment capital of the world. Beaches, amusement parks, lounges, clubs, and of course, warm weather are all at your disposal. If you’ve never been to Los Angeles, I highly recommend you visit because there are plenty of entertainment options to choose from and boredom is not a word used describe Los Angeles.

Southern California is one of the few places in the world where you can go to the snowy mountains and the warm beaches in the same day, traffic permitting of course. If bars and lounges are what your looking for, you can’t go wrong with old town Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. This is a great place to visit to shop and visit in Los Angles.

Love sports? Catch a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings game in downtown LA. The Staples Center is conveniently close to shopping and night life–and don’t forget to check out Nokia Live right across the street. At Nokia Live you can catch a concert, bowl at Lucky Strike, or grab a bite to eat at ESPN Zone. If baseball is your sport, take the free shuttle from downtown to one of the countries most historic baseball stadiums: Dodgers Stadium.

Looking for the beach? Head West on the 10 freeway to Santa Monica or down the 110 freeway to San Pedro.

Santa Monica is a great beach with a downtown feel and has many stores and restaurants inside the Santa Monica Promenade. You can also catch free shows on the street by some of the most talented street proformers–just remember to be kind and place money in their hat. You can also visit the Santa Monica Pier for roller coaster rides, carnival games, or simply to enjoy the weather. If you’re looking for a more romantic feel, walk the the beach with your lady and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants located steps from the sand.

San Pedro is famous for it’s seafood and with great food, you need great music. During the weekend you can listen to authentic mariachi music as you enjoy some tasty fish tacos and a couple of beers.

Once the music is over you can hop on a boat and check out Catalina Island. On this little paradise you can take a submarine ride, ride a horse, and eat some great buffalo burgers.

Other beaches to consider are Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach. All three are packed with beautiful women, quality restaurants, numerous outdoor activities, and of course: bars. Nothing beats a cold brew on a hot summer day so be sure to stop at one of the many drinking establishments to quench your thirst!

Is nature what you want? Los Angeles has many great places for you to enjoy.

A great trail that’s also really intimate is Chantry Flat. You can also check out Azusa and ride a bike down along a river trail. What about the hollywood sign? There are several hiking paths that lead up to see the sign and once you reach the top the view is amazing. While you are there you can visit the famous Griffith Observatory or the Greek Theatre.

Remember to be on the lookout for celebrities. You can often find them doing the same thing you are doing–enjoying L.A.


This is another beautiful beach city plenty to do.

In the downtown area you have plenty of restaurants, bars, and lounges to try out. Go ahead and look around for you type of place and relax. Make sure you stay at a hotel in the downtown area so you can experience the Gas Lamp District by both day and night. Look for a Hookah bar and smoke with some friends. Or better yet, make some new friends–which won’t be hard to do with all the other tourists in town.

A Padres baseball game is easy because you can walk to Petco Park. The stadium is in the middle of everything so you don’t have to travel very far.

How about enjoying the beach during the day? Head on down to the San Diego port enjoy the grandeur of Uncle Sam’s battleships.

Another great option is the world famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Safari Park where you can experience an African safari without leaving the country. Add Sea World into the mix and say hi to Shamu and all his friends.

Going from city to city in California in a car can be quite exhausting, especially with traffic, so why not try the train? Amtrak services all major cities and has a great views along the entire state.

The Pacific Surf Liner runs along the coast stops by many cities that were established Spanish monks hundreds of years ago–this is why most city names are in spanish. There are 21 missions in California between San Diego and San Fransisco. Start off in Mission San Diego de Alcala and travel north to San Francisco. The gem of all these missions San Juan Capistrano where swallows instinctively flock there every year.

Plan accordingly and make sure you bring your camera because you will enjoy the mission in their breath taking surroundings.


Picture the greenest location you can think of…then add a beach.

Santa Barbara is a nice place to explore the coast–it is also very chic. Santa Barbara is like the Rodeo Drive of beaches with all the expensive boutiques and fine dining establishments. Just be sure to book your hotel on, or near, State Street so you can be close to everything.

Plan enough to find a hotel but leave your room to explore Santa Barbara. Make sure you pack both swimming trunks and a nice outfit. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds that Santa Barbara has to offer.

This beach city is a dapper spot for any occasion makes for a great weekend getaway.

Nathan Allen 


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