The Best Gadgets Of 2011

 iPad 2: Very sleek and easy to use–also convenient to travel with. The iPad 2 is the best tablet on the market by far. It does everything the iPhone does (minus the phone calls) better and FaceTime is truly an experience that everyone should enjoy.

XBOX 360: Hands-down the best video game entertainment system on the market for the John Dapper man. Despite lacking the Blu-Ray DVD player the PlayStation 3 has, the XBOX 360 console is the ultimate gaming machine. Better graphics, Netflix, MP3 hook up, ESPN, Hulu Plus, Zune Market, NBC News, and LAST.FM all make the XBOX 360 the better machine. Coming soon to the XBOX 360 is the UFC channel where customers can watch LIVE UFC fights from their XBOX 360 console.

XBOX 360 KINECT: Not good with video game controllers? No problem. Get the XBOX 360 Kinect–all you have to do is speak or move your hands. Speaking simple commands, such as: “XBOX ON”  or “XBOX NETFLIX will turn your machine on or direct you to your favorite movies. And with a quick swipe of your hand, you will easily navigate your way through your Netflix Queue with ease. Friends coming over for drinks? Impress them with the KINECT and play many fun games without any controllers and really get the party started.

BEATS BY DRE: By far the best and coolest headphones in the game today. Not only do they look good but they sound good too. Sold in many different colors.

iPhone 4s: The Apple iPhone has dominated the cell phone market since it first came out in June 2007 and APPLE has never looked back. The iPhone 4s is the best iPhone to hit the streets yet. A sleek design, easy access to your email, text messages, and voicemail, and the biggest app store in the industry. Available on AT&T, VERIZON, AND SPRINT.

DROID RAZR: The Razr phone is back and stronger than ever. Remember when the Razr first came out in 2004 and everyone loved it because it’s ultra-thin design? Now the RAZR has been reinvented and has several new features such as ultra-strong casing, an HD camera, and a new operating system.

PLAYSTATION 3: What makes the PlayStation 3 convenient is the BLU-RAY DVD player that is built in to it. Not only do you get a gaming system but you also get to enjoy your movies in hi-def. All this translates to more bang for your buck.

SONY GOOGLE TV: Meet the ultimate all-in-one television set. This TV has been combined with Google and boasts many exciting features,  such as: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitter, YouTube, and Napster. If you want a true all-in -ne TV, the Sony Google TV is the one to get. Truly John Dapper.

BOSE SPEAKERS: Bose speakers are the best speakers around because the sound system is crystal clear and packs a punch. Buying Bose is buying quality.

PLAYSTATION PSP: The PSP is compact and does a lot. The PSP can play MP3’s, DVDs, video games, and you can Skype. This is the next best portable entertainment device besides the iPad.

Nathan Allen 


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