How Do I Install A Wall Mount For A TV?

It is a well known fact that men love to sit back and watch a good game. How we experience this depends on what TV we are watching the game on and where the TV is located.

Wall mounting is a clean-looking way to watch your TV, if done right. It also creates space in the room for other things by not having to be placed on a big furniture cabinet. As a man, I have mounted a TV in every room of my home: bathroom, living room, kitchen, garage, and bedroom.

How To Install A Wall Mount For A TV

  1. Choose a wall to mount the TV onto. Remember: the smaller the wall, the bigger the TV will look. If you place that same TV on a bigger wall, the TV will look very small. Make sure you buy the right TV size for your wall.
  2. Buy a wall mount that is appropriate to the size of the TV and how you want the TV on the wall. For example, if you want to see the TV from different locations of your room, buy a swivel wall mount. With a swivel wall mount you can move the TV 180 degrees with ease. A tilt wall mount only tilts up and down so it can adjust to one spot directly in front of the TV. A standard TV wall mount only places the TV on the wall and does not adjust at all once mounted on the wall.
  3. Once all that is settled, find the wall studs on the wall. Use a stud finder, it makes everything a lot easier. A stud is used because it will support the weight of the television. Use a pencil for marking the stubs.
  4. Use a 3/4 drill bit to drill into studs where you will place the TV. This will make it easier to secure the bracket with screws. Make sure the holes line up and are level by using a laser leveler. Once again, this makes it a lot easier.
  5. Once you begin to place the screws in with the bracket, make sure the bracket is level. If not, your TV will be off to one side or the other. For smaller TV’s, the mounting can be done by one person, but two would be better. For a TV that is bigger, the wall mount would require two men–one holds the bracket steady while the other attaches it to the studs with screws. Make sure you use a ratchet with the right size. Double-check the level and make any adjustments before you tighten the screws.
  6. Add the TV holder to the back of the TV. Use screws and screw the TV holder to the back of the TV. If covered, you can easily remove the covers using the flat edge of a screwdriver.
  7. Hang the TV on the mounting bracket with the help of your friend. Have your friend hold the TV while you place the locks on them.
  8. Sit back and enjoy your TV.

J. Navarro


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