How Should I Conduct Myself On Facebook?

I know most of you have a Facebook account. If you don’t, good for you–don’t get caught in the addiction. If you do have a Facebook account, there is a certain way you are supposed to act. You do not want to act like a hot mess over Facebook and embarrass yourself. I have a Facebook and I see a lot of guys acting reckless.

Here are some pointers on Facebook etiquette:

  • Act dapper and look smooth. Be the charming sweet guy over Facebook, do not be the perverted guy no one wants |to add. Facebook nowadays should be used to network, and communicate between friends and family, not to be your eHarmony alternative. Conduct yourself properly over Facebook. Remember, everyone can see your behavior.
  • Don’t Facebook stalk, it’s extremely scary. Why the hell are you going to someone’s page every day? Do not waste your time going to your ex-girlfriends page or her new boyfriend’s page. MOVE ON! Also, don’t stalk the hot co-worker at your job–it’s not right. One day they will eventually come out with a feature that will tell people how many times you go to a person’s page and you do not want to be the guy that goes to someone’s page 57 times in one day. Facebook stalking should be forbidden.
  • Another major issue is adding girls that you don’t know or have no common friends with. It makes you seem desperate. Why add someone you don’t know? Yes, they’re called friends on Facebook, but you’re not really friends. Add someone you know or have an extremely high chance of meeting in person. Please do not be the guy where 900 of 1000 of your friends are extremely hot girls. If you have 1000 plus friends on Facebook, that’s not cool. That does not make you the man or Mr. Popular.
  • Leave your personal drama off Facebook. We don’t care. That is not dapper. Whatever drama you have, keep it in your personal life. In reality, no one cares. It’s hilarious when people start posting about their friend who tried to put moves on your girl. That’s serious stuff, handle that outside of Facebook. You do not need our permission or comments on what you should do.
  • Another bad habit is posting a comment to every picture a hot girl puts up just to get their attention. You are making them seem more important than they are and it makes you look like a pervert. If a girl posts a picture of herself in a bikini, you do not have to comment. If you do comment, do not put write: “yum” or  “can I stand in the middle?” You are giving the girls more attention than they really need. I see dudes leaving comments to every sexy picture a lady posts up as if the girl is going to think:  “Hmmm, I like his comment, let me sleep with him.” Guys, it’s not happening! Girls, are posting these pictures just to get attention.

In summary: Do not post pictures of yourself smoking pot or taking Jell-O shots off of a girl. Do not tag yourself everywhere you go because no one cares that you’re at CVS in Long Beach, Ca. There is no need to have 13 photo albums of yourself in your picture area when one will do. Don’t add every hot girl you come across. If you don’t know them, don’t add them. And remember, Facebook is a huge social network and if people need to find information about you, they immediately search for you on Facebook. Don’t reveal too much information that you do not want everyone knowing. Nowadays, when you apply for a job, in the background check they go to your Facebook to get a feel for your personality.

I strongly advise you conduct yourself in a professional and dapper manner over Facebook because you never know whose watching.

Nathan Allen 


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