How Do I Train My Dog To Use A Leash?

Pups will not be trained to have anything around their neck so you will have to ease them into getting used to the feel of one until he becomes comfortable. This will also help in the connection between you and your dog later on. Teaching your dog to use a leash sets up many commands that will be needed in the future. Start these exercises as soon as possible, but remember: they are little pups and their attention span is limited. Try these exercises as games and  for fun–don’t just reward with food, but with praise and toys. This way, they won’t expect something every time they do something good.

Leash Training:

  1. Sit down on floor and call pup, with “Come” command, in a happy-go-lucky voice. Pup will come. Reward pup with praise.
  2. Introduce leash by applying leash and taking off leash. Praise pup.
  3. Play with pup and toy.
  4. Do not allow pup to play with leash or bite on leash. If he does anything wrong, give the command of “NO” in a stern voice.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 about five times, each time leaving leash on for a longer period.
  6. Allow pup to walk with leash so pup gets used to walking with leash.
  7. After a while, pick up the leash and begin to lead. If pup begins to to tug and fight, stop. Crouch down and call pup. Once pup stops, continue. Praise pup when he does good.
  8. Once pup follows your lead, tie your pup to your belt so the bonding can begin by following you all day. Make sure there is enough slack for pup to be comfortable, but not too loose where he can walk off.

Teaching Pups Their Name:

  1. Every time you call pup, use pups name and praise  him when he comes. Praise using different methods: food, petting, toys, etc.
  2. Sit on floor and place pup away from you with leash on. Call pups name and gently tug on leash until pup comes. Reward pup.
  3. Repeat until pup comes without leash.
  4. Continue with calling his name though out the day. Reward.

J. Navarro


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